We can all use a little extra motivation from time to time, and while there are thousands of great hand-lettered art pieces out there in the world, we wanted to craft our own framed phrases to fuel our aspirations!


We were inspired by our Brush Calligraphy Online Class and the beautiful world of hand-lettered prints to bring you this DIY that gives you the tools to make your own custom sayings. Keep scrolling to get started!

Materials (included in our Brush Calligraphy Class Kit)!:

– watercolor paper pad

– paint palette

– paintbrush

– watercolor paint

– downloadable font guide

Additional Materials (not included in kit):

– 8 x 10-inch picture frame or larger with mat board

– jar or glass for water

– paper towel


Grab your brush calligraphy supplies and an empty frame and let’s make some wall art!


Grab a jar of water and a paper towel, and mix a small drop of paint with about two times as much water, stirring until there are no more clumps. You might want to practice a few letters and phrases to get used to the feel of the brush before putting down your final composition. To learn more on what brush calligraphy is all about AND gain access to these downloadable font guides, take our Brush Calligraphy Online Class and get those letters looking perfect in just about an hour (seriously, I just took this class myself last week).


After playing around with some phrases, trace your phrase in the air with your brush to plan out your composition and make sure that your phrase is evenly spaced on the page and then put down that ink! The beauty of this DIY is that you can make 10 or even 20 practice sheets before choosing your favorite one to frame! No one gets it on the first try, so practice away and see how much your letters and composition improve with each draft.


For this simpler, more straight-forward resolution, we lightly outlined a circle in pencil and then added in words to follow along the circle’s curves. Further define your circle by adding in some painted strokes over your pencil line and feel that zen, centered vibe take over.


Don’t forget, your brush can be used to make fun shapes and patterns too! This design is a little more fun and irregular and pairs well with some crazy shapes sprinkled around a more light-hearted phrase.


Check out how these three very different aspirations and motivators lend themselves to three very different pieces of personalized wall art. Add your own spin to it using your own words of encouragement or motivation that speak to you.


Last but not least, pop your favorite print into a frame and hang wherever you think you’ll need it most. These two pieces best fit in a workspace, for example, and quickly took up a prominent desk spot.


How will you turn your aspirations into art? Show us your project by tagging us on Instagram + using hashtag #iamcreative!