Celebrate the Summer With DIY Hawaiian Floral Hair Pins
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Celebrate the Summer With DIY Hawaiian Floral Hair Pins

Florals are THE summer hair accessory, and we’re keeping the trend going with our own tropical twist! These DIY Hawaiian floral hair pins are the perfect hair accessory to take your beach waves and messy braids to the next level. They’re really easy to make and kids can get in on the fun too. Layer faux DIY florals for a fresh and feminine look that will last all summer long!


— felt, various colors

— bobby pins

— scissors

— super glue

— thread

— needle


1. To create one floral hair pin, cut several pieces of felt in advance for flower petals, leaves and smaller flowers.

2. To create a Hawaiian flower, cut four square pieces of felt for the petals. Cut each petal with three humps at the top.

3. Then, thread a needle and stitch the petals together.

4. Once all the petals have been stitched together, knot the thread and trim the excess thread.

5. To create leaves, cut the outline of a leaf out of a rectangular piece of felt. Then cut little triangular pieces out of the edges.

6. Use super glue to attach all the leaves and flowers to your oval backing. Leave it to dry.

7. Finally, add super glue to the front of a bobby pin and attach the whole felt piece. Let dry before you pin it in your hair.

To make it easy, cut all the pieces of felt that you will need for one hairpin in advance.

You will need: several green pieces of felt for leaves, pink square pieces for flower petals and round pieces of felt for small flowers. You will also need an oval felt piece to glue everything together!

To create a pink Hawaiian flower, cut four pieces of pink felt with three humps at the top (don’t worry about perfection here!). Once you’ve stitched the petals together, pull the thread tight so that the petals bunch together and tie it off.

When you glue the florals to the oval felt piece, start with the leaves first. Then layer small flowers on top and finally add a big Hawaiian flower in the center to finish it off!

Flowers are a girl’s best friend!

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