June 2016 appears to be emoji central. First, we couldn’t get over how much we really liked Kim K’s Kimoji update, then we were even more surprised to find out that basketball star Stephen Curry had released his own Stephmoji keyboard that actually beat Kim’s in sales. Not to mention that 72 new emoji just got announced. Well, hold on to your boxer braids (or, y’know, cornrows) because Justin Bieber just released his own Justmoji keyboard to iOS users.

With everything from GIFs and lifelike drawings of the Biebs to adorable cartoon versions of him and even emoji of his actual tattoos, this app is 100 percent dedicated to the true Beliebers out there. While we think there’s lots of cute options on the Kimoji or Stephmoji apps, this one is really all for the fans… which is why we probably can’t all see ourselves downloading the (pricey) $3 app.

Twitter seems to be blowing up over the news, with a mix of excitement (fair) and complaints at the cost, which is two whole dollars more expensive than the Kimoji add-on that was released earlier this week and a dollar more expensive than Steph’s.

All this emoji excitement definitely has us wondering what the next emoji release will be… but we’re hoping it won’t happen for a while since, for once, we think we might be emoji’d out.

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(Photo via Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty)