Whoa! We were genuinely surprised at how much we like Kim K鈥檚 new Kimoji update, and we really thought it would be the be-all-and-end-all of emoji keyboards for now. Well, we were wrong, and we didn鈥檛 even know how wrong we were. While Kim was dropping her new Kimoji update, Golden State Warriors basketball star Steph Curry quietly released his own emoji keyboard, and by this morning, it became the number one app on iTunes, beating out Kim and perennial favorite Minecraft (for mobile).

Featuring everything from GIFs of the star dribbling a basketball to his adorable, show-stealing daughter Riley, the Stephmoji app surprised everyone by coming out at the same time as Kim鈥檚 and surpassing sales.

While we were surprised at first, Curry鈥檚 got a huge social following, with over six million Twitter followers, 11 million on Insta and another five milly on Facebook, and he鈥檚 decidedly less hated than Kim K can be via social channels. While Kim鈥檚 not going to get a ton of sports lovers downloading her keyboard, Steph鈥檚 got bball fans, social media junkies and even people who aren鈥檛 into sports because he鈥檚 just so cool.

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(Photo via Ezra Shaw/Getty)