Natural remedies are no longer reserved for modern-day flower children. Heck no. By gone are the days where we feast on aspartame and GMOs, and here are the days where everyone’s exploring the world of homeopathy. If you’re not quite sure where to start with your essential oils, here is a guide to products that do everything from treat hair loss to quell your upset stomach. Is there an essential oil to ease what ails you? Let’s hope so.

1. Lavender: Arguably the most well-known essential oil, lavender is credited with the ability to soothe sunburns, relieve allergies and generally speed healing, among about a million other things. Plus, it smells ah-mazing. (via Scholar Center)

2. Peppermint: The stuff of candy canes is lauded for headache-busting qualities. Advocates also swear by the oil’s sinus-clearing powers, clearly invaluable during allergy and cold seasons. (via Mind Body Green)

3. Tea Tree: If a stubborn wart or recurring acne’s got you down, turn to tea-tree oil (fancy name: melaleuca) to ease your pain and embarrassment. Adolescents the world over, rejoice! (via The Tea Tree Oil Review)

4. Oregano: You know how quinoa is the hot health food right now? Meet oregano, the reigning prom queen of essential oils. Yes, the erstwhile pasta sauce seasoning is also a well-known natural antibiotic. (via Anarres Natural Health)

5. Orange: This oil is one-stop shopping for people looking to rev their libido and soothe anxiety or depression. Plus, it can actually help you create some pretty kickin’ cleaning products. (via Econo Busters)

6. Cedar Wood: This deliciously outdoorsy gem is used to treat a number of unique issues, including hair loss and even dementia. It’s also believed to stimulate melatonin production, helping to produce deep Zzzs for people suffering from sleep problems. (via Aromatic Health)

7. Lemongrass: Got a fungus? Get some lemongrass oil! Aside from being the ideal athlete’s foot cure, lemongrass oil is known to go to battle with exhaustion, inflammation and is even believed to lower cholesterol. (via Beauty Glimpse)

8. Frankincense: Those Wise Men were really onto something. This essential oil is touted for everything from a cough treatment to its anti-cancer capabilities. (via Essential Survival)

9. Cinnamon: A popular selection for the treatment of colds, coughs and other respiratory ailments, cinnamon essential oil is also believed to have anti-microbial powers, helping to fight off fungi and bacteria. (via Taste For Life)

10. Clove: Fabulously effective at battling upset stomaches and diarrhea, clove essential oil can actually help to ease tooth-related pain. (via Do Terra)

So what’s your opinion on essential oils? Let us know in the comments section!