We are SO excited about the Garland Paper Dots by Makeshop NYC! They could not be any cuter. And they’re incredibly versatile. Aside from making a traditional garland, you can use them to spruce up so many different items. From gift wrap to flower pots to wall art, your treasures will feel like new with paper dots hugging them tight. Today we’re going to show you five ways to use Garland Paper Dots. Ready? Okay!


Garland Paper Dots by Makeshop NYC ($18 – available in our shop!)


– scissors

– tape


Wrap your Garland Paper Dots around various objects, snip with your scissors and tape in place.


Spice up a plain vase with Garland Paper Dots!

Tape one side, then wrap to your heart’s desire. Cut the end and tape it to the vase. We recommend taping both ends to the same side so that the vase has a back side. We wrapped ours half way up the vase, but you could wrap the entire thing for a more wild look.

Canvas Wall Art

Make some wall art with Garland Paper Dots by simply adhering them to the back and draping them in front.

We made this one with three different colors creating blocks of color as we moved down the canvas. This could not be any easier and look how cute it turned out!

Dinner Napkin

Add some flair to your party decor by wrapping Garland Paper Dots around your napkins. We’ve seen ribbon, twine and rings on napkins, but these dots are colorful and unique, so consider this trick for your next soiree.

All you need to do is wrap the napkin a couple of times, trim the end and tuck it under the napkin.

Gift Topper

Who needs ribbon when you can wrap paper dots around your gifts? It’s like a topper and ribbon in one.

Wrap and tape and your friends will be totally impressed with your gift-wrapping skillz.

Photo Booth Backdrop

These little dots are perfect for a festive photo booth backdrop.

Cut long strips and tape them vertically to a white wall. We adore lots of little things grouped together to create something with a big effect. Grab your buddy and step in front for a photo shoot.

What else will you do with these darling dots? Brainstorm below in the comments.