Assuming you love Stranger Things and use Google Maps on the reg, you’re going to love this. We’re excited to see the newbies in the new season, and we ALL want to know what really happened to Barb, because we refuse to believe she’s really gone.

Google really wants people to use Allo, so they’ve devised a Stranger Things scavenger hunt. If you happen to be in New York today (October 28), just ask Google Assistant “Where is Barb?” and you’ll be pointed to a location where you will then be instructed to “use your powers.”


Other gems in the hunt include a mind-control vending machine, and the potential rewards for your diehard fandom include a BMX bike, a Panasonic boombox or a Pentax camera. Even if you aren’t super into Stranger Things — liar — those prizes sweeten the pot.

Allo also now has a Stranger Things sticker pack, and they are awesome. Check them out:


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(h/t Engadget, photos via Google + Netflix)