Not to point out the obvious here, but when Stranger Things totally took over everyone’s lives in July, Barb became the breakout star. With only a handful of actual scenes in just a few episodes, the nerdy best friend to the on-the-brink-of-popularity Nancy Wheeler blew past even the supernatural badassery of Eleven and her BFF crew to become a fan favorite.

While the show’s creators have guaranteed us that Barb won’t be forgotten in Stranger Things‘ second season, we weren’t worried anyway — the Internet could never forget Barb. Here are some of the ways we remember her every day.

1. Uncle Freaking Jesse is on board with Barb. Let’s not forget that Stranger Things has been out for a month now and the Barb hype is potentially realer than ever. Case in point? John Stamos posted an #ImWithBarb meme just last week.

2. She wants to play Squirrel Girl. If the Anna Kendrick campaign is any indication, Barb Shannon Purser won’t have any trouble getting her fandom behind her on this. “Squirrel Girl is just adorable but at the same time is totally boss and completely awesome,” Shannon told Revelist about getting into the Marvel universe, saying that she identifies with the character because she’s “a little bit younger and like a real person, trying to figure out her life and then also having to save the world.” SO BARB.

3. Everyone is, after all, Barb. Like, kind of literally! The trend of people sharing their old yearbook photos that strangely resemble Barb so closely is amazing. It’s no wonder everyone relates to her.

4. But actually, the #WeAreAllBarb hashtag is still going strong. This one’s not going anywhere.

5. Have you seen the fan art? Never mind the millions of GIFs immortalizing classic Barb lines like “Is that a new bra?”, but a quick search of the Barb fan art tag on Tumblr is a gold mine. The show at large has inspired some stunning fan tributes, and naturally, everyone’s queen Barb is a large focus of a lot of it. ONE OF EACH, PLEASE.

6. Actually, never even mind the Internet — there is an IRL mural tribute to Barb in LA. AMAZING.

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(Featured photo via @shannonpurser)