It’s 2016, which (among other things) means women have been getting pregnant and giving birth for roughly a couple hundred millennia, give or take. Despite full universal awareness of that thing that is the baby bump, and its eventual translation into an Earth-side human being, whenever we see a baby bump reveal in action we can’t help but be obsessed AF. From the sexy semi-nude baby bump to the “is she or isn’t she?” Blake Lively-style bumperoo, there’s something hardwired in us to react with delight and semi-surprise when we witness this thing, the bump, which is beautiful and precious but also, TBH, one of the least surprising facts of being a mammal. But, hardwired we are… which is why everyone is freaking the F out about Laura Perlongo’s VMAs baby bump.

laura perlongo

Are you freaking the F out yet? Maybe the matching his-and-hers army green tops and the open front and the boob chain will help get you there. And if you’re still like, “Meh, I don’t really see what the big deal is,” congratulations: You have successfully resisted the wily efforts of the hype machine.

So who ARE these people? Whose bump are we looking at?????

Laura Perlongo is the fiancée of Nev Shulman, star of MTV’s Catfish. The pair announced their pregnancy in mid-May of this year, after seven months of long-distance dating, and declared their engagement shortly after. The pregnancy, by Perlongo’s own admission, happened “accidentally-on-purpose,” and she’s documented the whole ordeal in a blog post for Attn, which you should definitely read because it’s insanely charming and honest.

In that post, she explains: “I’m writing this because I believe baby-making times are strange for the growing population of girls like me (and most modern couples for that matter) and we shouldn’t feel dumb talking about the stuff that makes us wonder if we should stop procreating altogether.”

Sweet, right?

According to LinkedIn, via the devoted muckrakers over at Heavy, Perlongo graduated Summa Cum Laude from Boston University in 2007 and is a freelance copywriter and photographer.

2016 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

Oh, and she’s having a girl.

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