Thanks to a genius food hack taught to us by one of Brit + Co’s resident creatives Cassidy Miller, you’ll never have to worry about stirring separated peanut butter again! One of the most annoying things about buying all-natural peanut butter is the oil separates from the crushed peanuts and requires some serious arm muscle to re-blend again. Those days are about to be behind you if you store your peanut butter… upside down.

Sure, it looks silly, but it’s a simple trick that actually works. For whatever reason, if you keep your peanut butter jar flipped upside down in your cabinet, when you flip it back and twist open the top, the peanut butter and oil are still pretty much emulsified. If you can’t fathom storing your PB like so, there’s another work-around: Refrigerate the jar. It will solidify the oils so they won’t wiggle their way up to the top.

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(Photo via Chris Andre / Brit + Co)