We’re totally into eating well and jumping on those healthy food trends, of course, but we’re not ashamed of our indulgent cheat meals (although according to the warnings of fast food employees, maybe we should be). If you were as shamelessly thrilled as we were about the LEGO McDonald’s Nugget Dispenser, than you’ll absolutely want to check out the super-fun, super-adorable LEGO McDonald’s Fries Dispenser.

LEGO McDonald's french fry dispenser

Created by the fine French fry and LEGO-lovin’ folks over at Astonishing Studios, the fun food-dispensing toy requires four quarters before delivering a tiny order of fries with ketchup.

“It’s about time the ‘World Famous Fries’ were taken to the next level,” the Youtube page proclaims. “Dispensing a kiddie sized fry pouch and a ketchup packet for $1, the French Fry machine is perfect for LEGO fans and foodies looking for a quick snack!” Our fry-munching, toy-adoring selves totally agree!

If you’re interested in how the whole contraption works and want to see it in action, than check out the video below and start getting your quarters ready for a snack!

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(h/t Eater, photo via Astonishing Studios/Youtube/Instagram)