Not to make a serious understatement here, but LEGOs are amazing. Aside from feeling some serious childhood nostalgia, you can create dioramas, use them to make some sweet holiday crafts with the fam and more. People love LEGOs so much, there’s even a dream hotel in Florida dedicated to the toy. When we say you can make pretty much anything, we mean anything. Including this insanity:


The minds behind Astounding Studios 2 have created a LEGO Mickey D’s Chicken McNuggets dispensing machine. AH-mazing. Using a LEGO Mindstorms set, LEGO’s own software and hardware robotics kit and a lot of red, white and yellow plastic brick, this machine will churn out five-piece boxes of McNuggets at lunchtime. There’s even a place to load up your sauces (sweet and sour FTW).


It even takes money — specifically, two Euro coins — and spits out the rest, just like a real vending machine would. Admittedly, this isn’t some great income generating solution considering all you need to do to access the nuggets is open up a lid on top, but it’s still a marvel of simple plastic toy tech.

Whatever your stance on fast food might be, you gotta admit that this is pretty freakin’ cool.

Check out the whole video below.

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