Plaid is coming back, and we couldn’t be more excited. We’ve been hooked on it ever since we first saw Cher Horowitz’s rad yellow blazer and skirt set in Clueless. So basically, our everlasting love of the trendy plaid print cancels out all of our past fashion blunders (platform sneakers, we’re looking at you). Here are 20 awesome ways for you to get on the look — be it winter, spring, summer or fall.

1. ASOS Midi Skirt in Pleated Plaid ($54): Midi-length skirts are all the rage nowadays, and when you combine them with this fancy print, magic happens. Seriously, how perfect is this skirt?

2. Fossil Sydney Satchel in Plaid ($178): Remember, folks. Plaid doesn’t always have to be red. We love this colorful satchel and the playful feel it brings to your summer outfits.

3. Brooks Brothers Bow Tie Bracelet ($58): Bow ties are pretty great. There’s no doubt about it. But why do guys get to have all the fun? Here’s one in the form of a bracelet.

4. ASOS Shorts in Plaid ($31): Bye bye, plaid schoolgirl skirt. Hello, schoolgirl shorts? Make sure to rock these around the campfire this summer.

5. Fossil Plaid Passport Case ($50): Here’s a fabulously printed passport case. It will take care of your important documents while you’re galavanting through Europe.

6. Anthropologie Cerulean Plaid Dress ($188): Having a summer engagement shoot? This bright dress is so perfect for a sunny day that we almost can’t believe it exists. It needs to be immortalized in your lifelong photos.

7. Anthropologie Woven Plaid Loafers ($100): Don’t fret. Your constant need for more shoes can now be temporarily alleviated by these adorable plaid loafers.

8. ASOS T-Shirt in Plaid Print ($61): Scotland’s love of plaid + America’s flag colors = this fabulous top. We’re embracing all cultures here… and will probably be spotted sporting this at our 4th of July par-tay.

9. Camille Plaid Tote ($68): This vintage yellow tote would be perfect for a picturesque visit to a quaint East Coast beach town. Or, a trip to Whole Foods.

10. Lightweight Plaid Check Scarf ($18): It kind of sucks that most scarves are made for cold winter weather. We need more lightweight ones like this!

11. Anthropologie Textured Plaid Dress ($158): It’s an artsy take on the traditional plaid print. It’s like when you find that really cool alt band’s cover of a Katy Perry song.

12. Vintage Plaid Earrings ($9): Earrings are some of the best gifts. We mean… they’re one size fits all! We suggest stocking up on these for all those summer birthdays.

13. Modcloth Swatch and Listen Dress ($125): You can definitely imagine this dress on Zooey Deschanel. It’s simple, yet quirky.

14. Red Tartan iPhone Case ($17): We spend so much time on our phones that we might as well dress them up, too. Add this iPhone case to your collection!

15. ASOS Culotte Shorts in Plaid Print ($29): Culotte shorts are great for warm weather because they’re both stylish and comfortable.

16. Fossil Sydney Zip Phone Wallet ($45): On those days when you’re just not into carrying a purse, tote around this adorable wallet. It even fits your phone!

17. ASOS Skinny Pants in Plaid Check ($67): Channel Gwen Stefani’s old-school No Doubt days. Skinny plaid pants are such a rare commodity that we just have to get our hands on these right now.

18. MinkPink Norwegian Wood Sweater ($36): It’s no secret. Norwegians rock at making cute sweaters. And this one is perfect for cool summer evenings at the beach or next to a lake.

19. River Island Retro Plaid Sunglasses ($20): Pretty in pink (and purple)!

20. Kissell Plaid Coat ($44): Sorry, sorry we just couldn’t resist! It’s warm out now, but you can buy this now and wear it later. It’s that easy!

Are you mad for plaid yet? Which new trend is your favorite? Talk about it in the comments below!