Whether you’re throwing a formal affair or getting married at city hall, your wedding is one of the biggest days in your life and no matter how big your event is, the planning can be super stressful. But we’re here to help. You said yes to the dress (check!), you’ve booked the entertainment (check!), but your gorgeous groom still hasn’t picked out a bow tie. Guess what? We just checked one more thing off your to-do list. You’re welcome.

1. Crestin Bow Tie ($110): Add some fun to your tux with a modern Southern gentleman bow tie with red and blue speckles.

2. Chambray Bow Tie ($78): We love the versatility of this chambray, lightweight gray bow tie from Jack Spade. It keeps things as casual as a bow tie can.

3. Dexter Knitted Bow Tie ($95): A textured, chunky bow tie is a perfect addition to a dapper black tux.

4. Check Adjustable Bow Tie ($62): Future husband’s a hipster? He’ll love this khaki check bow tie from Steven Alan.

5. Charcoal Pointed Bow Tie ($35): You can’t go wrong with charcoal plaid, especially since it matches with pretty much everything.

6. Double Indigo Bow Tie ($75): This made-in-New-York-City double bow tie is simple and classic… just like your groom!

7. Thistle Denim Bow Tie ($68): Who says you can’t wear denim to a wedding? This beautiful, limited-edition, cotton denim bow tie with multi-color flecks stands to prove that you can indeed wear denim to (at least) your own shindig.

8. Velvet Bow Tie ($50): Having a formal affair fit for Ellen’s velvet Oscars tux? Opt for a classic velvet bow tie like this one from J.Crew.

9. English Silk Polka Dot Bow Tie ($55): Tiny polka dots are totally appropriate for a groom. This one comes in navy, too!

10. Duchamp Formal Bow Tie ($105): The deep jewel tone of this velvet bow tie is both formal and fun.

11. Thomas Reversible Bow Tie ($30): Not only is this cotton bow tie affordable, but you’re technically getting four cute bow ties in one!

12. Hunter Gingham Bow Tie ($20): Please tell us you’re having a picnic reception? This pre-tied and quirky bow tie is perfect for your outdoor wedding.

Sewn to the Bone Spring Floral Handmade Bow Tie

13. Spring Floral Handmade Bow Tie ($40): Designed by a former Russian circus performer, this floral bow tie will match the bouquets and make you hungry for strawberries.

14. Charvet Silk Bow Tie ($225): An elegant silk bow tie in a deep-green twill will add character to your fancy tux… but that character will cost you a pretty penny.

15. Italian Satin Point Bow Tie ($55): This ivory silk satin bow tie has “fancy-man, yet nonchalant groom” written all over it.

16. No Bunk No Junk Bow Tie ($130): This silk double bow tie is so timeless, he’ll be able to wear it again and again. Hopefully while he’s making you blueberry pancakes, Chippendales style.

17. Drake’s Pin Dot Bow Tie ($125): Stay classy [San Diego] in a deep-navy, textured silk bow tie with polka dots.

18. Lanvin Silk-Satin Bow Tie ($145): Up your neckwear game with this silk couture bow tie in a burgundy hue, courtesy of Lanvin.

19. Lanvin Grosgrain Bow Tie ($145): A fresh, white silk bow tie will have him looking well-groomed. Get it?

20. Gucci Silk-Satin Bow Tie ($165): How good would this midnight blue silk bow tie look with a navy-blue tuxedo?!

21. Gitman Plaid Wool Bow Tie ($59): What indie guy doesn’t love plaid?! This rich, USA-made bow tie works all year ’round and is totally one he can sport at all of your friends’ nuptials as well.

22. Martini Silk Satin Bow Tie ($175): James Bond called. He wants his bow tie back. This quintessential silk-satin bow tie from Dolce + Gabbana will make any man look 007-dashing.

23. Mood Plaid Bow Tie ($15): Opt for a teal, pre-tied bow tie that’s the ultimate blend of snazzy and smart.

24. Multi Polka Dot Bow Tie ($125): If we had lots o’ money and our man let us dress him every day, he’d totally be covered head to toe in Paul Smith. Get him looking sharp in this black silk bow tie with multi-colored polka dots.

25. Check Bow Tie ($50): This bright and fresh print will add a pop of color to any suit.

26. Tri Dot Bow Tie ($125): The low-key groom will love this flawless navy-blue silk bow tie with red dots.

27. Ze Moustache Bow Tie ($15): We’re not going to lie. At this point, we’re kind of over the whole moustaches-on-everything thing. But if presented in colors other than black and white, we’ll have to reconsider our stance on that.

28. The Uppercue Bow Tie ($25): Looking for a bow tie that’ll give back? This beautiful floral print accessory donates a major percentage of the proceeds to a good cause.

29. Silk Jacquard Bow Tie ($245): You can never go wrong with a chic, black bow tie in a handsome jacquard finish.

30. Black Wedding Bow Tie ($25): Funny guy? Let his personality show through in this smart, owl print bow tie.

31. Emerald Bow Tie ($48): A minty green bow tie will have him looking so fresh and so clean, clean.

What bow tie is your beau sporting? Let us know in the comments!