Don’t even try to convince us not to LOVE everything about this mini-vid for Target’s new Marimekko collection. Amazing prints, playful pieces and a model who’s just as gorgeous as she is somewhat unexpected. We… LOVE it!

Casting a woman who’s perfectly hot, perfectly hip and not flaunting a teeny-tiny waist, the vid posted to Target’s Instagram account makes no mention of plus-sized anything. It’s simply an awesome clip of an awesome lady showing off an awesome collection, and we think that’s totally awesome!

Captioned, “Peek into the print and patterned world of #MarimekkoforTarget where playful possibilities never stop,” the collection — which will be available starting April 17 — is getting as positive a reaction as the model featured in it. With comments like, “YES to these ads! Target is being totally innovative by normalizing the variety of beautiful female figures. Thank you! It’s a decision that increases my patronage,” and Target responding to many of the comments letting shoppers know that their voices are being heard, it looks like we might be seeing more of this kind of fabulous ad in the future.

Check it out and see what you think.

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(Photos via @Target + @marimekkousa)