Want to carry a billion years of life, science, and history in the palm of your hand? Well, join the club. The hottest Kickstarter on the block these days is Mini Museum, a project that’s already raised $728K (almost 20 times its $38K goal!) and still has three weeks to go.

Created by Hans Fex, Mini Museum has been years in the making. Each mini museum is a portable collection of rare specimens from Earth (and beyond!) curated, handcrafted, and artfully arranged in resin. Each item is authentic, iconic, and accurately labeled.

Fex has been collecting amazing specimens for this project for 35 years. And if you consider the age of these specimens, it’s actually been a billion years in the making! For real. Once he’s got a specimen in hand, Fex then carefully breaks up each specimen into smaller piece and embeds them in resin along with at least 10 other specimens to create a pocket-sized natural history museum. Each museum is individually numbered, so no two museums are the same.

Specimens range from a piece of a palm tree from Antarctica to a Triceratops Brow Horn (pictured above) to a piece of the Titanic, to name a few.

We love Fex’s answer to the question: Why might you want a mini museum?

The Universe is amazing. I really wanted to remind people of that with this collection. How awesome would it be to own a group of rare meteorites, dinosaur fossils and relics of some of the most talked about places and events in human history? All in the palm of your hand?

Can’t argue with that! Read more about Fex’s story right here. And if you want in on this action, pledge $99 for your own small mini museum (11 specimens), $179 for a medium one (22 specimens), or $239 for a large one (33 specimens). Oh, and the large on includes a MYSTERY SPECIMEN. What?! Yes.

And now, some more specimens!

Top row: Apollo 11 Command Module Foil, Egyptian Mummy Wrap (c. 350 BCE), Berlin Wall

Middle row: Mammoth Hair, Abraham Lincoln’s House (foundation brick),

Bottom row: T-Rex Tooth, Dracula Soil, Insect in Amber (40-60,000,000 years old)

Will you get on the list for your own Mini Museum? What specimens would you like to see? Talk to us in the comments below.