Companies have long been accused of pushing an unattainable beauty standard thanks to airbrushing. Lately, however, many brands have stepped up and pledged to leave their images unretouched. British retailer Missguided is one of the latest to present more natural-looking bodies.

Missguided Stretch Marks Photoshop

Recently the company has been posting images to its site that show women with stretch marks — something many people perceive to be “flaws,” despite the fact that most women (and many men) have them.

Samantha Helligso, head of brand at Missguided, told Daily Mail, “As a brand, we feel we have a strong sense of social responsibility to support young women and inspire confidence. So we’re on a mission to do just that by showing our audience it’s okay to be yourself, embrace your ‘flaws’, celebrate individuality, and not strive for what the world perceives as perfection. Because basically, it doesn’t exist. By showing imagery that’s real and authentic, we want to show it’s more than okay to be yourself. All you have is what you’ve got, so own it every day.”

Social media was divided on the issue. Several people on Twitter praised Missguided for displaying images with stretch marks.

Others, though, think that the photos feature models who don’t actually have stretch marks but rather have had them photoshopped onto their bodies in an attempt to make the brand seem more progressive.

It’s interesting to note, though, that when Missguided originally began posting the images, they did it without fanfare, which makes it seem less likely that they’re doing it as a publicity stunt. Either way, it’s refreshing to see models that look a bit more like real people.

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(Photos via Missguided/Instagram)