We鈥檝e seen enough Photoshop fails to last us a lifetime 鈥 over-edited legs, missing arms, you name it. So we鈥檙e more than a little excited our prediction that 鈥no Photoshop鈥 would become a trend in 2015 might really be coming true. Worldwide. Case in point: The Italian footwear brand Woz Shoes announced it鈥檚 going Photoshop-free (yep, totally banning the image-editing software) while stating that 鈥渘ormal is special鈥 鈥 and we couldn鈥檛 agree more.

shoe line

Their recent posts on Instagram 鈥 like this so-casually-cool-without-even-trying model who we鈥檙e of course completely obsessed with 鈥 prove that brands don鈥檛 have to slim, adjust or edit images to produce ads that make us want to buy a pair of black and white sneakers, like, NOW!

woz 2

Or even pink and white tennis shoes (seriously, how can we find everything she鈥檚 wearing?). But even more than making us want to buy a million pairs of Italian kicks, we love the body positive message Woz Shoes is spreading to women around the globe. Our only question is: How can we convince more brands to bid adieu to Photoshop for good? 鈥ueller?

We want to know what you think! Tell us below in the comments who you hope to see embrace unaltered photos and why.

(h/t Styleite, photos via @wozshoes)