Next time you pick up your dry cleaning, you might want to hold onto your garbage — it may be coming into style. Fashion house Moschino is now selling spitting-image replicas of the classic dry cleaning bag for a very pretty penny.

Designer Jeremy Scott debuted the pedestrian plastic look for Moschino’s fall 2017 runway show back in February, and it is officially for sale. The cape was part of his trash-inspired collection, which also included homages to cardboard boxes, duct tape, and toilet paper (oh my).

If — for whatever reason — you’re just dying to get your hands on this dress, you can now “add to cart” the coyly named Moschino Cape Sheer Overlay Dress ($895).

Luxury clothing site Browns describes the garb as a “clear dry cleaning cape overlay dress” and notes that the black slip pictured is not included. We’re glad this distinct dress is at least somewhat customizable (God forbid you’d show up wearing the same dry cleaning bag as someone else at a party).

All jokes aside, we applaud Scott for taking inspiration from everyday life; the whole thing is giving us an Andy Warhol everything-is-art vibe. That said, we’re not too sure we’d be willing to sacrifice a month’s rent for this plastic robe, especially when we could pop by our local cleaners and stock up on a pretty good knockoff for free.

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(Photo via Browns)