You know we love us a good style hack, especially when it involves a few simple cuts and ties, and doesn’t involve a sewing machine. If you’re looking to fashion your own homespun skirt, take a look at these 10 tutorials and tricks and start skirting it up!

1. No-Sew Drawstring Skirt: For some reason, this skirt makes us want to run through a field of wildflowers. It’s got a natural vibe to it, with the uneven hem, material that flows, and feels like something a woodland creature would wear. (via Sincerely Kinsey)

2. Men’s Shirt as Skirt: Forgot to bring a change of clothes to your boyfriend’s place? No problem – just turn one of his shirts into a skirt! This could also be a chic way of rocking a layer over another skirt if heading to an outdoor festival. (via Park and Cube)

3. Suede Skirt: The crisp nature of the suede and how the scalloped edges are perfectly cut almost makes this skirt look like it’s made out of paper. We love the simple button closure. (via Martha Stewart)

4. DIY High Low Skirt: Now this one’s a trick on turning an existing skirt into an on-trend high low piece. Just be sure not to cut the high part too high – you may be turning it into a mini once the high low trend sails away. (via A Beautiful Mess)

5. Lace Scallop Skirt Overlay: Dress up a basic skirt by creating this gorgeous lace overlay. Belt it right over top and you’ve got a whole new garment. (via In Honor of Design)

6. Asymmetrical Skirt: Inspired by the drawstring skirt at the top of this list, this bright green number goes for the uneven hem as well. For a less bunched up waistline, try adding a statement belt. (via Sincerely Whitney)

7. Sweater Wrap Skirt: That’s right. That leopard print skirt is actually a cardigan masquerading as a skirt! We’re all about the button down front. (via Brit + Co.)

8. Draped Wrap Skirt: This beachy number turns a piece of jersey material into a beautifully draped wrap skirt, perfect for a hot summer night. (via Passions for Fashion)

9. T-Shirt Skirt: Buy one too many oversized t-shirts in the ’90s? Turn one into a tie-back skirt by following this super simple tutorial. (via Wobisobi)

10. Glam Wrap Skirt: And last, a glamorous one from the fairy godmother of crafting, Martha Stewart. The material you choose is definitely key in this one, and this sort of yellow taffeta looks straight off the runway. (via Martha Stewart)

Which one of these skirt DIY projects might you try? Have you made any no-sew garments of your own? Talk to us in the comments below.