We’ve seen some CRAZY beauty trends over the years, including, most recently, face-shaving (!!), portrait nails, and glass skin. The latest WTF trend taking over social media is on a whole other level, however: Enter nostril hair extensions.

Yep, you read that right! Nostril hair extensions, or, essentially lash extensions for your nose hair. In fact, they’re achieved by taking fake eyelashes, cutting them up, and rolling them up to create a small circle, then sticking the rolled up lashes inside the nose using the pre-applied adhesive.

The wild beauty trend was first spotted on the Instagram account of @gret_chen_chen and has been making its way around the web ever since.

Canadian beauty blogger Taylor R, for instance, jumped at the chance to recreate the look by applying glue straight to a fake eyelash before attempting to wrap it around her nostril (which, as you can see in the tutorial above, proved to be rather tricky and required a couple of tries). As she pointed out in her YouTube tutorial, regardless of how crazy the idea appears to be, it is in keeping with current social media trends. “To be a top Instagram model these days, you need to know one word: extension,” she declared.

Take note, however: This one isn’t for the faint of heart. As Bustle beauty writer Zoe Weiner discovered first-hand, nostril hair extensions aren’t exactly the comfiest thing on Earth, as they “really tickled.”

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(Photo via @phoebehopemua + @gren_chen_chen)