If you thought you’d seen it all when McDonald’s brows hit our feeds this season, think again. There’s another wacky beauty trend in town, and it’s here just in time to freak you the hell out for Halloween. Ladies, introducing self-portrait nails. These miniature nail art masterpieces are detailed AF, complete with hair extensions and super tiny renderings of your face, and trust us when we say that they’re un-freakin-believable. Prepare to be uncomfortable, because we have a few works of art manis below.

1. Self-Portrait With Extensions: Is it the stuff of nightmares or a genius lazy girl-approved way to rock nail art this All Hallow’s Eve?

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2. Self-Portrait With Bob + Bangs: This nail artist gave her mini-doppelgangers a bob with bangs to match her own.

3. Fangirl Mani: Don’t be afraid to unleash your inner Sam Smith with a loosely drawn homage to complete your costume.

4. Couple Portrait Manicure: Add a new creepy dimension to your couple’s costume with itty bitty faces.

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