One of the best — and most surprising — beauty trends that came out of 2016 was the no makeup look. From Glossier’s blockbuster back-to-basics approach to Alicia Keys’ decision to ditch makeup altogether, it was a refreshing time to revamp your beauty routine.

But on the flip side of makeup minimalism, it’s also been a busy year for some really out-there and excessive applications of colors and effects in ways we’ve never seen before. Here are some of the very best and weirdest Instagram and YouTube beauty trends that everyone flipped for in 2016.

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1. Lid Gloss: Applying balms and shimmer to eyelids was one of the most eye-popping (literally!) eye makeup trends of the spring, thanks in no small part to the success of Glossier, a line that promotes natural textures and glow.

2. Rainbow Lashes: Whether it’s using extensions, colored mascara or false lashes, the rainbow eyelash trend will likely extend into next year.

3. Hair Stenciling: This was a huge hit for summer music festival season, and we saw tresses dressed in everything from colorful geometric shapes to whimsical floral designs to emoji and the classic polka dot.

4. Polish Mountain: Vlogger Cristine of Simply Nailogical put us all in a trance when she applied layer after layer after layer — all the way up to 116 layers — of nail polish to create a piled-up mountainous look. We’re still mesmerized, if not 100-percent weirded out, by this one.

5. Color-Block Winged Liner: Bold hues and crisp lines brought the classic winged liner to a new level and made eyes pop this summer.

6. 100 Layers: Of EVERYTHING. It started with nail polish as seen in the above Polish Mountain, then the 100-layers trend went viral and took over the internet this summer. Liquid lipstick. Foundation. Eyebrows. Highlighter. You named it, and a beauty vlogger (mostly jokingly) put 100 layers of it on herself this summer. We still can’t unsee the layers, guys. Help.

7. Nail Contouring: The contour craze started by the Kardashians found itself being applied in manicures this summer after being seen at the Vera Wang SS 2017 show courtesy of Jin Soon Choi. The trick was to make nail beds look thinner and longer by applying only a thin strip of polish up the centre of the nail. Clever!

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8. Hidden Rainbow Hair: More rainbows! For a more work-appropriate take on the bold hair craze, people were dying only the under layers of their hair, making for an amazing peekaboo trend.

9. Bun Drops: Though not related to any makeup or hairstyle besides long tresses, the bun drop was mesmerizing in its simplicity.

10. Crystal Lips: These opulent looks were made to recreate geode stones like agate and druzy, and we can’t. Look. Away.

11. Holographic Lips: The winter months are the time for a bold lip, and Sigma Beauty’s Lip Switch glosses provide an almost literally unreal-looking holographic effect.

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