Staying organized and on top of your game in 2016 is so much easier when you have smart gadgets to keep you motivated. And with all of that extra time and energy you’ll be saving, you can sign up for an online class or treat yourself to more DIY spa nights at home. It’s a win-win, really. Pick up one (or all) of these adorable products to make your 2016 more efficient, exciting and all-around badass.

mochi things

1. Mochi Things Better Together Pouch ($57): This pouch is pretty much every student’s dream. It has pockets for everything under the sun, so you’ll be able to keep all of your important stuff together. You could also gift one to your organization-obsessed friend.

happiness planner

2. Anthropologie Happiness 100 Day Planner ($30): While you’re sending out your positive vibes for the new year, you may as well write ’em down too!


3. Back Me Up Mobile Charger ($30): Never deal with the race between your productivity and your phone’s battery life again. Pick up a few for work, home and your purse and you’ll *never* be without power.

speaker bowl

4. Bheard Sound Pod ($30): This colorful little pod is great for enhancing conference calls, amplifying your favorite podcasts or turning you into the Adele of your bathroom — totally up to you.


5. HISY Bluetooth Camera Remote for iPhone ($25): Ace your photo projects or fulfill that resolution of adding more original images to your blog with this nifty little camera remote. It’s also a great travel accessory for your next adventure.


6. ModCloth Fold Move Travel Organizer ($15): 2016 is the year for traveling, so make sure you keep your stuff organized and ready to go at a moment’s notice. This organizer folds up and fits right in your suitcase — no Tetris-level packing knowledge required.

kick stand

7. Photojojo Key Prop ($13): Keep this prop on your keychain for hands-free portraits and videos. It’s another great travel accessory for all those delayed flights.


8. Mocoro Robot Cleaning Ball ($36): This adorable pink fluff ball rolls around your house and helps keep it clean. Did we mention it’s also the greatest cat toy ever?

sticky keybaord

9. Photojojo Pre-Printed Keyboard Skins ($30): These pastel-hued keyboard skins come ready to use with shortcuts from Photoshop, Aperture, Lightroom and Final Cut Pro. You’ll be a whiz in no time.

plant water tower

10. Fred & Friends Water Tower Planter ($22): There’s no need to worry about asking your BFFs to come over and water your urban jungle while you’re out of town. This handy little water tower keeps your plant friends hydrated and prepared for any dry spells.

lunch box

11. ModCloth Cool, Calm, and Connected Bento Box ($18): With a lunch box this adorable, you won’t have problems remembering to bring your own snacks to the office.

selfie light

12. Photojojo Lumee Selfie Light Kase ($55-$60): Sometimes your phone’s camera flash just isn’t enough. This case comes with its own built-in battery so you can snap to your heart’s delight.

desk organizer

13. Urban Outfitters Wood Charging Station ($50): Keep your workspace organized and fully charged with this minimal charging station. It has USB ports and plenty of space for pens, phones or whatever else is cluttering up your desk.

touch gloves

14. Leif Colorblock Touch Gloves ($32): These cool color blocked gloves come in a few amazing color options and are totally tech-friendly. Now your digits can stay toasty and busy during your morning commute.


15. Urban Outfitters Sriracha To-Go Keychain ($8): Because life is just too short to be without Sriracha.

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