Have you ever wanted to DIY your wardrobe? You know Brit + Co has you covered with DIYs 4 Days, and if you want to make the jump from fashion lover to designer, we have the hook up for that, too. Get to know Original Stitch, a site that lets you design men’s dress shirts, buy them and (wait for it) sell your creations.

Original Stitch is a San Francisco-born online fashion clothier where you can customize men’s shirts from 300 fabric patterns and styles. The idea came from Silicon Valley engineers who wanted to order bespoke shirts from their computer and who didn’t have time to run to a tailor IRL. This amazing online shop can literally design a shirt in five minutes, fully customized from the collar to the sleeves to the buttons. A 3D design system lets you play around on a dashboard and create shirts for work, play or a formal occasion. Custom button downs for an entire wedding party?! Tell us more.

If you don’t have time to choose all the details on your design, or don’t want to choose all the details, then play this fun game called “shirt battle.” It matches you with a slew of shirts you’ll love through 10 rounds of multiple choice question. 10 taps to your perfect shirt — how simple is that? A lot easier than an afternoon at the mall, that’s for sure.

When you really love your creation and wanna sell it to the world, channel your inner designer by opening up your own shirt store on Original Stitch’s design shop. It’s completely fuss-free. There is no cost to open the shop, and it’s super easy to set it up in just a few minutes. You don’t need to handle manufacturing, processing, payment or shipping; even customer service and claims will be in Original Stitch’s hands. All you need is your creativity and you’ll receive 12% of each sale. Sounds like the first step to our 3D printed fashion marketplace of the future.

What kind of shirts would you design in Original Stitch? Would you open your storefront to test your creativity!? Tell us in the comments below!

(h/t FashionSnap)