From engagement pics to wedding dresses, we’ve given you a handful of ways to turn your wedding into a super colorful affair. But one area we’ve left in the dark is the groom’s attire. Black, blue and gray tend to be the go-to shades for grooms, but why stick with such a limited palette? If you’re a groom or know a groom looking for a little/lotta bit of color for him (and his groomsmen), get crazy these 18 rainbow-hued ideas.

1. To the Moon and Back: If this is any indication of how handsome men look in green suits, we want to see so much more of it. Side note: How adorable is this backdrop? Charm our socks off why don’t you guys. (via Love My Dress)

2. Prism Pals: One the other hand, you could make the groomsmen the main color focus. Keep the groom traditional in black and use the color on his guys. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

3. Rainbow Connection: A colored tie looks extra bright against a stark white top. Skip the coat like these groomsmen to make it even more vibrant, or throw one on to make the look more subdued. (via The Best Wedding Dress)

4. Purple Pants: A colored suit doesn’t have to look like a gimmick. This guy’s plum attire fits in so well with the mood of this wedding that any other colored tux wouldn’t be right. (via Love My Dress)

5. Strapping Lad: Who doesn’t like a guy in a pair of old-school suspenders? Modernize the classic staple by having your dude rock a pair that complement a coordinating colored shirt. (via Weddingomania)

6. Mix Matched Man: If mismatched bridesmaids are in, why not a mix-matched groom? This ensemble is wild, but it just looks so darn good! (via Queensland Brides)

7. Basking in Blue: On paper, an aquamarine suit sounds like a tacky choice, but in pictures, it’s just short of the BEST THING EVER. This groom’s look manages to be preppy without being overly pretty. (via Bridal Musings)

8. Cool and Casual: If you’re planning a backyard wedding or a more casual affair, why not ditch the jacket? Keep things playful with a colorful, patterned button-down. (via Style Me Pretty)

9. Colorful Countryside: A bright red suit might be too over the top, but this faded shade seems to work just right… especially with her matching shade of lipstick. (via Ruffled)

10. Duel Tone Daze: Here’s a really cool idea if your groom wants to add some color but doesn’t necessarily want to be a walking Crayola crayon. Choose a colored pant or jacket and use a classic, darker shade for the other half. (via Ricardo Vieira)

11. Royal Wedding: We’ve seen blue suits before, but never quite this blue. Pantone has deemed royal blue one of the top colors for fall. What better way to incorporate the shade than on your favorite fella? (via Nina Claire Photography)

12. Pop of Pattern: Here’s a fun way to add color while keeping the suit simple. A multicolored tie adds a fun element to the attire without coming off too strong. (via Moda Pra Homem)

13. Pinwheel Pocketsquare: This groom knows how to do color right. For a saturated look that’s harmonious, choose hues close to each other on the color wheel, like blue and purple or red and orange. (via Weddingomania)

14. Red Velvet: Make it an extra fancy occasion by decking your guy out in velvet. This wouldn’t be a great pick for a summer wedding, but for a ceremony happening over the holiday season this is a festive and fashionable pick. (via Got Style)

15. Preppy in Pink: A seersucker suit is a bold choice on its own, but make it pink? That is for the bravest of the brave. His courage definitely paid off. This preppy groom looked fab. (via Pretty Little Wedding Things)

16. Saturated Socks: Looking for a sneaky way to add some color to the groom and his besties? Use socks! Every time they pop out you’ll be in for a rainbow-colored surprise. (via Style Me Pretty)

17. Purple Prince: Purple is the color of royalty, and this groom looks just like a prince. This regal shade is a great way to add some sophistication to the day without boring guests to death. (via One Fab Day)

18. Grand Finale Groom: And now for the color suit to top all colored suits — this pink and orange getup is definitely not something all grooms would be comfortable in, but if you’ve got it, flaunt it, right? (via Inspired by This)

What’s your take on colored suits? Yay or nay?