In all of England (and possibly the world), there鈥檚 arguably no figure more beloved than the late Princess Diana. Though she鈥檚 been gone 20 years now, she鈥檚 certainly not forgotten, with members of the Royal family and everyday citizens alike paying her tribute. The town of Chesterfield, Oxfordshire in the UK also sought to honor the late Princess of Wales by making her the subject of its annual large flower display wall, or 鈥渨ell dressing.鈥 The finished product, however, is one that鈥檚 causing major controversy.

After being unveiled via social media by the Chesterton Borough Council, fans were quick to attack the approved design, now on display at the town pump outside the market hall, which many feel bears little to no resemblance to the icon.

The Daily Star reports that the artwork was ajoint effort between 14 volunteers who spent approximately 120 hours on the piece and assembled it using cow parsley, leaves, berries, and egg shells.

As comments quickly flooded in (1.6K and counting, to be exact), posters didn鈥檛 hold back, making comments like, 鈥淚 saw this and I thought, what an insult to Diana,鈥 and 鈥淎bsolutely horrendous. Makes me ashamed to say I come from Chesterfield.鈥


The town council has yet to comment on the absolutely brutal response to their royal tribute.

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(Photo via Hulton Archive + Pool/Liason/Getty)