It’s nearly impossible to always get the exact number of sleeping hours required, but there are ways to achieve those goals. Obviously it starts with the mattress and relies on your unwinding techniques, BUT to have a relaxed room you need the environment to achieve that as well. Thankfully for us, we live in 2015, when bed accessories and smart bedroom decor provide plenty of outlets to help you become healthier, more relaxed and an overall better you in the process. Check out our fave bedroom products below — we’re sure you’re gonna want to snag a few.

luna sleep

1. Luna ($235-$265): The time has come to finally ditch that cord-heavy heated blanket and take off the annoying wearable to get some sound sleep thanks to this beyond-smart mattress cover. Slide into bed and this genius bed-cessory will personalize the temperature of your mattress for you and your partner while also adjusting the temp in your home through Nest, locking your door, turning off the lights + TV. What can’t this crazy cool mattress pal do, you ask? Apparently nothing, because it can also track your sleeping habits as well as your partner’s without the need for a wearable. An uninterrupted night’s sleep with data on improving those nights? We really are living in the future.

ikea wireless furniture

2. IKEA SELJE Wireless Charging Nightstand ($60): It’s safe to say we love all of IKEA’s new wireless charging furniture pieces. The most vital is totally the nightstand though — who doesn’t plug their phone in for a recharge overnight? If your IKEA happens to run out of these smart bedroom accessories or if you don’t live near an IKEA (GASP!), there’s always a just-as-worthy DIY version. Either way, happy building.


3. Awair: Improving the quality of your life has never been easier. With this smart device that monitors and analyzes the indoor air throughout your home, you’ll be provided solutions to improve the air quality around you to better your wellness related to sleep, allergies, productivity and so much more. #lifechanger

pretty smart lamp

4. Pretty Smart Lamp ($80-$170): Yeah, these lamps are gorgeous, but they are so much more than their looks. These Bluetooth-enabled light-up eye-catchers allow you to find your phone if you misplaced it and charge that thing when it gets low on battery, and notifies you of incoming calls or emails. Oh yeah, and it looks gorgeous while providing bright or ambient light. A smart lamp, indeed.


5. Brooklinen Sheets ($85+): These ultra-luxe soft sheets will have you craving some all-day bed time even more than you currently do. Constructed with yarn and Egyptian cotton, these always-cozy cool sheets are the perfect bed topper for every mattress dweller out there. Seriously, good luck getting out of the bed once you put this set on it ;)

sleep yoga pillow

6. Sleep Yoga Pillow ($34-$51): Feel like you never have enough time in your day to hit up the yoga studio? Now you can strike some poses WHILE in bed with these comfy, hypoallergenic pillows. These flexible bed toppers help you with posture whether you’re counting sheep or sitting up watching TV on your bed. You’ll be saying namaste and improving your body’s alignment and quality of sleeping in no time.


7. Neuro:On ($100): Sleep masks are great and all, but smart ones are even better! This aid monitors your brainwaves while you sleep, allowing you to make the most of your night’s sleep — no matter how short it may be. This eye cover measures and analyzes your sleep waves, eye movement, muscle tension, heart rate and blood saturation while you’re catching some shut eye to provide you with insights on exactly how to optimize your nights. With the help of this eye shield, you’ll be saying bye to waking up on the wrong side of the bed in no time.


8. Wink Hub ($50): If you’ve got smart products throughout your home, then this device is a must. Place it in your bedroom and you will have the capability to customize everything from the lights to the air conditioning all through a few finger taps. This is the ultimate convenience provider. (Big plus: It can pair with your Luna as well!)


9. Hush ($20-$150): Who needs a huge white noise machine when you can get a personalized experience while also blocking out every other sound? The time to finally say farewell to snorers and the city sounds has arrived thanks to these smart earplugs. Place these tiny sleep aids in your ear holes and listen to soothing sounds all night long directly at the source. Then when it’s time to get up you’ll be gently awoken by these devices. Full, uninterrupted night’s sleep?! We’ll take a pair!

Do you have any of these products or want any of them for your bedroom? Share the ones that caught your eye with us in the comments.

This post is a collaboration with Luna.