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hardware 2024

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Make These 3 Statement Necklaces With Hardware Store Finds

You’ll never look at a hardware store the same way again.

DIY Style

16 Glam Hardware Pieces to Give Drawers an Instant Upgrade

These glam pieces will really “pull” at your heart.

Home News

11 Super Simple DIYs You Can Make in Your Crock Pot?!

Your trusty kitchen tool can be used to DIY an incredible array of crafts. It’s true.

Home News

A Dozen Chic DIYs Made With Copper Piping

When you think of crafting, you might not think of copper pipes. Well, get ready to.

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Hack Your Hardware With the Help of New Site, Tindie

What if we told you there was a marketplace out there dedicated to promoting hardware hacks, à la DIY digital camera, smart home systems, ultra thin, flexible circuit boards and cocktail dispensing robots? Chances are, you’d want to know about that. (Hasn’t everyone dreamed about the real-life Rosie Jetson making martinis for them?) Well, now there is one place to support hardware heading in that direction, and that place is called Tindie.


Meet the Masons: 30 Jar-Inspired Gift Ideas

Our love of Mason Jars is certainly no secret! To see our ode to these practical household items just pop on over to 10 Creative Gifts that Come in a Jar or 100 Clever Ways to Repurpose Mason Jars. Today’s list has all sorts of Jar gifts, some come in jars, others are made in jars, and a few are for those who just love to make things with mason jars!

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Made Us Look: A Pen That Doodles Working Circuits

Wouldn’t middle school have been a lot cooler if our gelly roller pens could have made our notebooks light up? A whole generation may now have electrifying doodles with these Circuit Scribe Pens.


Hardware Hack: DIY Ribbon Statement Necklaces

For today’s quick and easy style hack, we started with ribbon and a few odds and ends from the hardware store. As it turns out, with the right inspiration, many things in the hardware store double as beads, pendants, and pieces for creating statement jewelry. With a bit of ribbon and a handful of key hardware store pieces, we created 3 bold necklaces in a matter of minutes.

DIY Style

How to Create Gorgeous Gold Jewelry from the Hardware Store

When thinking about holiday style, we’re all about glitter and gold. We showed you how to glitter your oxfords, your heels, and your button downs, and now it’s time to go for the gold. For today’s holiday bling, our main star is a box of hex nuts from the hardware store. With just a few simple tools, we created a pair of gold studs, a bracelet, and a sweet statement necklace all using hex nuts!

DIY Style

Nuts N’ Nylon Necklaces

One of our favorite places for creative inspiration is the hardware store, and today we'll turn a couple inexpensive hardware store basics into bright, bold pieces of softwear. ;)  We think these necklaces would go swimmingly with a pair of Duct Tape Feather Earrings, a Chevron Braid, or as an accent piece with a couple […]

DIY Style