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Harry Potter Turns 35 Today — Here’s What He Would Be Like

He can’t help shake the feeling that by killing the dark lord he really “peaked” at 17.

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DIY Holiday Photo Booth (Printables + GIFs!)

Photo booths are pretty much the jam. At weddings, birthday parties, and at some particularly awesome dive bars, you can always find a line at the photo booth. Since we are pretty well-versed with photo booths here at Brit + Co. (see Brit’s wedding + my birthday party), we happen to know that there are three key components to a successful photo booth. Whether you have a fancy camera and tripod, a Polaroid instant camera, or just your smartphone, it’s easy to get great results once you’ve got these three pieces put together.


DIY Basics: Pennant Flag Banners (+ Free Printables!)

Yesterday we showed you how to make a super simple wreath with gift bows, and now we’re onto another DIY basic. Pennant Flag Banners! You don’t need fancy paper, felt or fabric to make your own colorful decorations for the holidays. All you need is a printer, scissors, tape, and string. Bonus points if you’re using a printer by HP, our sponsor for this fun tutorial.

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Vote for the Ultimate Ultrabook Bag (Sponsored by HP)

This week, and this site on the whole, is largely about how tech plays a part in aspects of life that are traditionally viewed as non-techie. Fashion, food, health, and event planning have only recently caught on that mobile and desktop tools can actually enhance just about everything. As emerging startups delve into wearable tech, […]