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Meet Your New Favorite Calligraphy Crush

You won’t be able to stop staring at his Instagram account.

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20 Gifts for the Girl Who Loves to Code

To: Your Fellow Electronics Lovers. From: Brit + Co


9 Wearables Totally Changing the Medical Industry

These 9 medical wearables are about to significantly impact the future of breast cancer, smoking and more.


This 8th Grader Built a Braille Printer Out of LEGOs

This teen’s science project turned into a full-blown company.


This Drone Bracelet Takes Selfies (Really!)

Nixie is not just a wearable drone, but one that takes off with a flick of your wrist. And takes your selfies for you.


10 Wearable Concepts That Will Blow Your Mind

In case you’ve been living under a rock that’s under a bigger rock, you know that wearables is one of our favorite tech things right about now. These only seal the deal.


Go Shorty: 50 Cent Is Making Earbuds to Pump Up Your Workout

Smart tech that boosts your workout is one trend we can definitely get behind. We’ve shopped a celeb collabo or two in our day — but Fiddy making wearables? This we gotta try out.


WHAT?! You Can Now 3D Print Your Own Robot?!

Calling all Jetsons and Wall-E lovers: You will soon be able to 3D print your own adorable robotic companion. His name is Jimmy.


See How Intel is Bringing Out the Maker in All Of Us (+ Win a Lenovo Tablet!)

Recently, we partnered with Intel to explore how their latest innovations help all of us harness our inner maker. From 3D scanning and printing to a development board, there’s a lot to look forward to coming from Intel.