Smart tech that boosts your workout is one trend we can definitely get behind. From wearable trainers that measure your balance and hydration, to headphones that record your workout (and your oxygen saturation and heart rate), we appreciate how our gadgets are helping us be healthier and smarter about our workouts. So when we heard about these headphones that inspire you to work out harder, we had to investigate.

SMS Audio LLC, an accessories brand by Curtis Jackson (aka 50 Cent), is partnering with Intel to develop headphones that gather information about your lifestyle, giving you the optimal workout experience and pushing you to work harder no matter your level. Wait, that sounds great — but let’s backtrack for a second. Yes, 50 Cent, rapper extraordinaire, Vitamin Water sipper and workout book author is breaking into the biotech game.

The headphones do more than just chant “Go, Shorty” in your ear as you hit the weights. Whether you’re a marathon runner or a leisurely biker, these earbuds provide audio instructions to help you work on fitness. Using an in-ear heart monitor (eliminating pesky straps and extra wearables), the earbuds integrate biometric sensors to collect data while you exercise. They are sweat and water resistant, and the battery charges through the audio jack so you’re always able to stay monitoring. With integration through the fitness app RunKeeper, you can plan new routines and track your progress — all while listening to your fave playlist.

How will these compare with some of the other awesome headphones we’ve seen, like the colorful limited edition Powerbeats above? Only one way to find out. Someone needs to send us multiple pairs, and we’ve got to try them out for ourselves!

Will you try 50 Cent’s super smart headphones? Let us know why in the comments!