Whether you’re doing a complete overhaul of your home decor or just looking to brighten up a single room, sometimes it’s kind of overwhelming to take on interior design all by yourself. But when you’re working on a budget and with a busy schedule, it’s hard to find, hire, and afford an interior designer on top of everything.

A new site, Tastemaker, aims to make professional interior design available to just about everyone.

First, you think about your space. You write up a brief and answer some questions about your project (including photos of your space), your style, and your needs. Once you’ve done that, designers will respond to you with some initial ideas for the space. From those responses, you get to choose whoever you feel is the best fit to help you realize your vision.

After you’ve picked your perfect match, the two of you will schedule a design call to talk about the details. You can talk budget, ask questions, and chat about what exactly you want. You also have the option to get your space measured, which is particularly helpful if you have a complicated room layout.

Finally, you’ll get a design box in the mail. Your designer will send you a letter, a shopping list, paint samples, a floor plan… basically everything you need to implement your personalized design. Just follow all of these instructions and your unique, professionally designed space will come to life!

As busy people with a lot of demands on our time and money, we’re excited by an easy and quick interior design option with an affordable flat-rate price and designers that will work with our schedules and within our budgets. Tastemaker is currently letting in 10 users at a time, but fingers crossed they bump it up to 100 at a time in the near future.

Is this a more viable interior design option? Would you try out the service for your next room revamp? Talk to us in the comments below or over on Twitter.