After an aca-mazing weekend overflowing with musical performances outside of just the Barden Bellas, it’s time to reconvene with your desk and jump back on the road to work. Luckily, the music party doesn’t have to stop, as we’ve got three new videos for you to jam to all the way from AM to PM in addition to a new messaging app, a gorgeously efficient calendar app, a post-grad life podcast and — best of all — a playful Instagram to follow. It’s time to take the fast pass to Friday.


1. Britney Spears + Iggy Azalea “Pretty Girls”, Taylor Swift “Bad Blood” + Hilary Duff “Sparks”: Over the past week not one, not even two, but three pop divas (well, technically four, if you count I-G-G-Y) released music videos for their latest singles. Go all in with your ’80s love by watching Brit’s summer single, get some sweet revenge in T.Swift’s Hunger Games + Kill Bill-esque visual and find out what happens when you mix neons + pastels with Tinder in Hil’s latest. Add all three to your Vevo playlist and have ’em on an endless rotation throughout your commute and long into your work day. Just make a pact with yourself you *will* get work done and not just stare at the trio all day long.


2. Bubble for Messenger (Free on iOS): Instead of just sending your friends GIFs on the regular, make ’em! This app for Facebook Messenger gives you the platform to create GIFs by snapping a moving photo of yourself (or anything you want) and then adding pixel speech bubbles on top. Get to creating on that ride to work to make it way more entertaining and before you know it all of your convos will be anything but boring.


3. Follow @mr.kriss For Mixed Medium Illustrations: This Instagram artist mixes his drawings with real-life objects to give them more depth and character to bring them to life on your screen. Using everyday objects like forks, nuts, noodles, leaves, nails, headphone jacks and so much more, visuals like a cheerleader, a butterfly and even the Up house are transformed into works that are so much more than square snaps. Enter Kristián’s profile and you’ll be fully absorbed until your first morning meeting.


4. Horizon Calendar (Free on iOS): The rereleased app is more than your average calendar app. Easily create events + see what’s up next in your day or search for long-lead appointments all while checking what the forecast looks like within the app. Yep, no more hopping from app to app when figuring out your day’s attire anymore.


5. This Is Off Campus (Available on iTunes + Stitcher): This podcast is about where your life can go after you get that degree. Weekly episodes feature interviews with an assortment of people — recent grads, retired baby boomers and all those in between — chatting about what college was like for them and how they figured out the right moves for their personal and professional life throughout their adult life.

Are you planning on using any of these to get through your commute this week? Let us know in the comments.