Unfortunately, accidents happen. House fires, floods, hard drive failures… and sometimes, things just become obsolete. If you still have any VHS tapes lying around, you’ll know what we’re talking about. Maybe you started recording home videos in the ’90s, or maybe you just never got the hang of newer tech. Whatever the reason, chances are your cherished memories are spread across a lot of different types of media.

Books And Videocassette On Shelves

Want to avoid a catastrophe when if one of those aforementioned accidents happens? You should consider getting a memory makeover.


The Memory Makeover Kit from Legacy Republic is a great way to combine all those memories and keep them in one safe place — an online account. You also have the option to create keepsakes from your photos and videos, but the important part is the online backups; those can’t get destroyed in a disaster.

Close-up of instant photo pictures

The whole system is pretty simple. You choose your kit size (“Shoebox” gets you four items, “Drawer” gets you 10 items, and “Closet” gets you 20 items), and then send in your videotapes, movie film reels (three inch, four inch, and five inch), miniDVDs, and/or slides, prints, and negatives. An item could be a four-inch or five-inch reel; a videotape or miniDVD; or 50 slides, photo prints, or negatives. And now you wait for about four weeks, after which time you’ll have a fully digitized collection of your beloved memories in your online account. Every order also comes with a gift DVD, if that’s what you’re into.

Let’s face it: Human memories are not flawless. We emphasize and downplay certain things in our minds, and the very act of remembering something distorts it every time. But you can’t argue with a photo! Whether you’re trying to preserve those embarrassing moments for your kid’s future S.O. or you don’t want to forget how dang attractive your partner looked on your wedding day, digitizing is the way to go. But you don’t want crappy scans or photocopies, so why don’t you let the pros do it, huh?

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