Okay, remember when we were crazy impressed about that one tree that grew seven types of fruit? Well, get ready to be blown away, tree huggers of the world. Using grafting techniques, artist Sam Van Aken created the Tree of 40. That’s one tree that bears over 40(!) types of fruit. When the tree blooms in the spring, it’s a brilliant kaleidoscope of colors and a gorgeous one-tree orchard.

Hanging from its branches, you’ll find stone fruit, like peaches, plums, apricots, nectarines, cherries and almonds. Van Aken sees his work as a living sculpture, a sculpture shrouded in pink, crimson and white (among a crayon box of other colors) as winter melts away.

When choosing the fruits, Van Aken opted for varieties you probably wouldn’t find in a Safeway. It’s mostly made up of native and antique fruits, so think heirloom everything. In his quest to create this masterpiece, he researched over 250 varieties of fruits. His goal was to create a tree that looked homogeneous at times (like during bare winters and leafy green summers), but spectacularly multifaceted in other seasons. Well, mission accomplished, Mr. Van Aken.

Van Aken has created 16 trees, which are spread out among museums, community centers and private collections from Massachusetts to California. We think the 17th would look perfect in the Brit + Co SF yard…

What do you think of this tree artist? What fruits would you want growing on the same tree? Let us know in the comments below!

(h/t Epicurious)