Ready to get vibey? Wondering what vibey even means? Us too. So we sat down with clothing designer Wojtek Peliks to ask him about what inspired him to start his extra-long hoodie line, aptly dubbed Vibey.


In addition to a little Q&A, we took to the streets with a trio of fresh Vibey hoodies.


Whether you’re a dude or a dame, these sweatshirts rule. They are so comfy and warm, and come in a whole bunch of cool color combos. Read on to learn more about how Wojtek got started!

What inspires you? Why do you love to design, create and make?

I love nature, the grandiose mountains with fresh pow and blue skies, warm Malibu peeling waves and wavestorming it with the coolest friends. Skate jams and bowl sessions when it’s flat. Everything that channels those cultures and that fleeting feeling of pure joy when you land something on *lock* and you KNOW that it felt perfect and you’re stoked and everyone’s stoked for you. It’s awesome to make a product that kind of channels that and gets people excited and feeling good about whatever they’re doing, be it skiing, boarding, or just chilling out and getting cozy with some tea and a Netflix movie.


Tell us about Vibey.

It all started on a 10-day shlarptour of the California coast when 3 of us set out to rip lines, surf ALL of the waves, and skate in between. We sewed ourselves some extra tall hoodies in my mom’s kitchen on our way to Tahoe because we thought they looked rad and channeled our vibes of just having a good time, skiing, boarding, surfing, skating and just enjoying the outdoors with best friends! Just feeling the good vibes and spreading that stoke! And that’s what Vibey was born out of and strives to do.


What’s one piece of advice you’d share with other makers?

Dream SUPER big, but be stoked on the small achievements, and with persistence and patience work away at whatever you want to accomplish.

Tell us how technology has changed and supported what you do.

Tech totally changed the communication and interaction we can have with our customers. It makes the brand real and allows us to convey that there are real people stoked on these things and making these things and really making an effort to bring the coolest product into the customers’ hands.


What’s on your studio playlist?

Wow. Well, everything! I used to say I listen to everything but country and now I JAM to some country tunes too! But lately Alexander has been just playing on #repeat.


How do you get into the creative flow? How does it feel?

For me, it’s not really like a moment. I just get pumped to do something and I draw it or write it down or just actually get after it and bust out some fabrics and start cutting and sewing stuff up. I have visions of what would look epic and I try to get them all down on paper, but then there’s a LOT of refinement and logistics and actually nailing it down because not everything is going to make the cut.

What do you love about teaching people to make? And inspiring people who don’t think they are traditionally creative?

I love teaching people to surf, skate, and snowboard! Everyone’s creative and I think these sports especially channel that!


Get your own super long hoodies here, and be sure to follow Vibey on Instagram to see all sorts of dawn patrol bros just crushing it.

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