YES, we love Lip Sync Battle (especially when Emma Stone busts out Blues Traveler, I mean…), but our favorite Tonight Show skit ever is when Jimmy Fallon dresses up in pink ‘n’ purple to play blonde tweenage Sara (“with no ‘h’ because h’s are EW,” natch). Sara has her own public access-meets-TeenNick show named Ew! where she and friends discuss where things fall on the “ew” spectrum. Most things fall on ew, spoiler alert.

Watch Seth Rogen as Starbucks-sipping (with whipped cream — ew!!!) Allison and Zac Efron as the buff Brittany sit down with Jimmy-as-Sara and talk megapixels, selfies and whether or not James Franco is EW.

We bet they didn’t even have to curl Zac Efron’s lashes for this. Sigh. Also, we just might have to make Allison and Brittany’s “MAYBE” + “NEVER” necklaces…

The important question you need to answer today is: James Franco — EW or cute?