Now that it’s August, the new school year is right around the corner. And even if you’re not doing any back-to-school shopping yourself, you have to admit: There’s just something in the air that makes everyone want to stock up on pretty and handy new office supplies for fall. Plus, your Clueless-inspired feather pens aren’t always the most appropriate choice of writing utensil (even though we know they’re awesome).

Here are 11 pens that write, talk, record, smell, and work with your smartphone. And yes, this is quite possibly our dorkiest product roundup yet. ;)

1. Wacom Pen + Stylus ($36): On any given day, we’re switching between a variety of devices and notebooks as we go about our work. This pen combines the function of a stylus for our touchscreens with that of a pen for brainstorming, sketching, and doodling. We can get the best of the analog and the digital world in a single gadget, which we love.

2. SMENS Smelly Pens ($19): Brighten up your day with a whiff of your favorite scent while you work on your to-do list. With a wide variety including Pink Lemonade and Banana Fo Fana, these black ink pens are sure to make you smile.

3. Metal Inkless Micro Pen ($39): Never be without a pen again with this keyring version. Using an inkless system of metal writing, this micro pen can write underwater, in space, and upside down.

4. Biodegradable Pen ($9 for 3): Have you ever thought about the environmental impact of disposable pens? With harsh chemicals in the ink and non-biodegradable casing, buying cheap plastic pens and throwing them in the trash when they’re done isn’t doing the environment any favors. These pens reinvent the disposable model, using biodegradable materials, eco-friendly ink, and wind power for production.

5. Evo Millennium Pen ($35): This uniquely shaped pen is an elegant way to avoid carpal tunnel. Commended by the Arthritis Foundation, the ergonomic shape ensures you’ll never have to stop writing your brilliant business plan due to a hand cramp again.

6. Pen Camera ($18): Do you dream of being a secret agent? This pen will help you live out those dreams with a hidden camera and voice recorder. And we’ll take those martinis shaken, not stirred ;)

7. Night Writer ($18): When you wake up in a flash of inspiration, do you have to get up, turn the lights on, wake up your partner, and then jot down the idea that you’ve probably forgotten in the process? No more, with the Night Writer pen! The LED light located near the tip of the pen lets you light up just the surface you’re working on so you can use it without waking others up or jolting yourself completely out of bed.

8. Minimalist Type-A Ruler Pen ($99): This striking pen is simple and elegant. The ruler case is as useful as it is pretty. Although it definitely has a hefty price tag, the design will make you never need another pen again.

9. Mustache Talking Pen ($5): “Well, hello there…” This pen is quite the sweet talker, eh? We’re loving the quirk factor of this one, sure to give you a laugh during a particularly stressful day at the office.

10. Echo Smartpen ($130): This is the ultimate note-taking machine. Using the pen and designated paper, you can record your notes and audio simultaneously, allowing you to mark important parts of the meeting or lecture by indicating it in your notes. Then play back your notes, jumping ahead to the important parts. With built in applications, like translators and games, you can really take your studying to the next level.

11. Refillable Pen plus Stylus ($65): This highly versatile pen can utilize the refills from over 20 other pens. Completely affordable, it lets you use luxury pen ink without paying the price for the luxury pen. The elegant titanium body lets you write up a storm, whatever ink you choose. And it comes with a screw on stylus! Be sure to support this pen-novation over on Kickstarter.

What are you going to use to pen your next best-seller? Do you have a lucky pen we left off? Talk to us in the comments below or over on Twitter.