Maddie here, sayin’ hey hi and hello! As you can see by our Brit + Co planner line (available at Target, yippee!), we love a good stationery accessory. What I love even MORE is an accessory that can work double duty. After I decked out my B+C planner to the nines, I thought of some other applications for those leftover embellishments. Scroll on to see three nifty uses for some of my favorite #BritxTarget accessories.

1. Add letters to your… shoes?! You know those alphabet stickers I can’t stop talking about? Turns out they’re the sassy accessory I didn’t know my shoes needed!

2. Use photo corners in your sketchbook. Artists, try this simple exercise: Place an inspo photo on the left side of your sketchbook with our photo corners (FYI: They do zero damage to the photo!) and quickly paint or sketch the photo on the right. I love doing this exercise with vacation photos — like I did with that pic of North Carolina countryside above.

3. Add a stick-on fabric patch to a ballcap. These babies are *that* sticky, my friends. I’ve already added ‘em to this hat, my duffel bag, and my denim jacket. And I have no intention of slowing down :)

There you have it! Three unconventional uses for some bangin’ stationery accessories. You have so much personalization ahead of you. Plan on!

How have you used your Brit + Co accessories? We wanna see! Post a pic on Instagram with the hashtag #BritxTarget so we can take a peek.

Photography: Kurt Andre