We’re all guilty of over-using (and possibly over-loving) Snapchat filters. We marveled at the face-scanning technology that allowed us to swap faces with our best friends and celebrities. We still get a thrill out of the dog-face filter. But now, Snapchat has acquired a company whose technology could bring your snaps to the next dimension… literally.

The app, Seene, creates 3D scenes using only a phone’s camera, meaning your selfies, vacation shots and party snaps are about to get a whole lot more lifelike. By recording a phone camera’s movement, Seene adds depth of field to your memories. Imagine the #OOTD snaps this tech could achieve!


Similar to Snapchat, Seene then allows users to stick their 3D images in augmented reality (AR) experiences, like the rainbow vomit filter. It also works with Google Cardboard, for anybody who wants to turn their memories into virtual reality (VR) experiences

There’s no word yet when or how this technology will show up on Snapchat (we’re imagining it will be as a 3D filter), but if it ends up being successfully integrated sometime in the near future, Seene could be the perfect push to finally get everyone on VR.

Check out Seene in action below, and head on over to the App Store or Google Play to download it and learn all the tricks before the technology lands on Snapchat.

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(h/t Techcrunch)