If you are one of the thousands of disappointed fans who missed out on Adele tickets when the site crashed then sold out immediately, here’s some good news — and no, we’re not talking about just watching her concert live stream on TV. We’re at CES 2016 where virtual reality is a HUGE deal this year with everything from the Oculus Rift that’s retailing for a whopping $599 to viewers like Google’s own Cardboard that’s taking the world by storm. So far, there hasn’t been anything mid-range, super accessible yet hardy VR viewers that can actually bring virtual reality to the masses… until now.

Pocket VR 1

Speck, makers of awesome smartphone cases, introduced their Pocket VR ($70) yesterday and it’s going to change your life. We’ve really never seen anything like it. The kit comes with a nifty VR viewer that easily unhinges flat when you need to carry it around (it could literally fit in your back pocket). The best part is it comes with their signature Candy Shell Grip case which sells for about $35 just on its own. Yes, so if you do the math, you’re get an incredibly hardy + portable virtual reality viewer that isn’t made out of cardboard for just $35. What the what?


We got to have some hands-on time with the Pocket VR and it’s a pretty amazing product. You can download Speck’s own virtual reality app and have access to content like Paul McCartney in concert (maybe Adele someday?). Then you just pop your Samung Galaxy or iPhone into the viewer and you actually feel like you’re onstage. It’s wild. You can turn around 360 and the views will turn with you.

Basically, it’s better than having a front row seat.

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