Coachella or bust! You鈥檝e mastered Shay Mitchell鈥檚 unicorn makeover and stocked up on all your festival fashion essentials; now, you just need a hairstyle that鈥檒l last you from morning 鈥檛il night鈥 鈥檛il morning again. Celeb hairstylist Christine Symonds has your back. The pro, who counts Kaley Cuoco and Jessica Simpson as clients, breaks down four braids that are begging to be worn at a festival this summer. Even better: Each of the styles can actually be done by your beautiful self. Still skeptical? Symonds actually tested one out on herself before teaching us!

鈥淭he first trick is dry shampoo,鈥 Symonds, who partnered with Batiste this festival season, tells Brit + Co. 鈥淚t soaks up the oil, it adds body, and it鈥檚 going to give grip.鈥

Check out the video below to find out her best tricks to mastering a crown braid, plaited space buns, a wrapped-accent braid, and a mini French braid.

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