This Anthro Chandelier Hack Is the Affordable Upgrade Your Room Has Been Waiting for

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So you've been obsessing over that fabulous Anthro accent for *weeks.* We feel ya. Their stuff is pretty unbeatable — except when that comes to the price point, that is. Luckily, this affordable tassel chandelier hack is the next best thing. With textured fringe and cheery hues, it promises to add the dose of boho style you're going for. Plus it's made with love, and you simply can't top that, right? Take a scroll through to learn how to DIY it now.

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(Photos via Brittany Griffin / Brit + Co; Styling via Cassidy Miller / Brit + Co)

Disclosure: Due to the nature of the materials, this chandelier should not be left unattended or near flammable substances.

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