When it comes to viral food trends, nothing is as healthy as avocado on everything. We sure love our avos, whether in stuffed avocado recipes, on tacos, in avocado toast recipes, or in smoothies. And the latest food trend combines our beloved avocados with COFFEE. Don’t be surprised if you see avolattes — that is, lattes served inside of an empty avocado shell — all over your Instagram feed. Here’s the scoop on this trendy new way to drink your morning latte.

1. Pour Over: After scooping out your avocado meat (don’t waste it — use it to make some guac!), it’s as simple as pouring some espresso into your avo shell. Then, one dollop at a time, add in cream to create gorgeous designs.

2. Cafe Culture: The avolatte comes to us from ultra-hip Melbourne, Australia. The folks at Truman Cafe are the ones responsible for bringing us this source of absolute JOY. It has now, of course, caught on in cafes around the globe.

3. Capturing Our Hearts: People are getting pretty creative with their avolattes. Case in point: This lovely, foamy heart-shaped creation.

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4. Waste Not, Want Not: Of course, as pretty as these things are, let’s not forget we’re in the midst of an avocado shortage here. After scooping out your avocado meat, set it aside and use it in your meal.

5. Fancy Froth: Try your hand at intricate shapes by playing around with your cream. This elegant pattern is absolutely *stunning.*

6. Green Living: When you think about it, the avolatte is super economical. Every time you make guac or avocado toast, you now have a use for the skin — just pour some coffee in it.

7. Rainbow Avolatte: This just in: With a little well-chosen food dye, you can make RAINBOW AVOLATTES. The Aussies have done it again! We predict this is going to be a whole new frontier on the avolatte front.

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