A few weeks ago, we shared 3 cool ways to add bobby pins to your ‘do, but what about tricking out the bobby pins themselves? From nail polish to glitter to studs and chain, here are 9 ways to add a little more pep to this essential hair accessory. Feel free to “pin” your favorites! ;)

 – bobby pins

– glitter

– Mod Podge

– neon nail polish

– paint pens

– jewelry glue

– white-out pen

– leather scraps

– chain

– O rings

– studs

 – needle nose pliers

– hot glue gun

– ruler

– fabric scissors

First up, neon! Because studs will move around if you attach them the traditional way, use pliers to bend the stud backs into the stud. Then use hot glue or jewelry glue to attach to the bobby pin. Paint with nail polish (probably two coats) and you’re done.

How fun are all of these colors?

Especially when used to decorate a thick fishtail braid.

This trick screams wedding style! Simply attach a chain to two bobby pins and wrap around the back of your head. If your chain links aren’t big enough to fit around the bobby pin, do what we did and use O rings to attach.

So lovely.

Still have that white out pen from middle school? Us too! Use it to create stripes, dots, and squiggles inspired by geometric patterns.

These are great for decorating a simple side braid, especially for shorter hair.

How could we resist a little color blocking action? Use paint pens to make a few solid and few blocked out. Simple as that.

The possibilities for color combination are pretty darn endless.

And to get two trends in one, we created a chevron pattern with our color blocked bobbies. Love it!

Next up, one of our favorites on the list. Take leather (or pleather) scraps and cut into a whole bunch of shapes. Layer them on top of each other using hot glue, and then glue onto bobby pins.

Don’t they look fun together?

Use them to pin back bangs or layers when rocking a ponytail or low bun.

Now, back to the chain gang! Glue a piece of chain onto your bobby pin lengthwise, then use O rings to attach pieces of different lengths creating a sort of chain fringe look.

Attach as many pieces as you like!

Sort of a modern Cleopatra style, don’t you think?

We always come back to studs because they’re so dang versatile! Use mini ones and glue them to your bobby pin using jewelry glue. That’s all!

Throw on a piece of card stock and you’ve got the perfect gift for stylish friends.

To style ’em up, we added them to a retro ‘do for a little edge.

Channel your inner cowgirl by going for some leather fringe. Cut a rectangle or triangle of leather and glue to your bobby pin. Then use fabric scissors to cut the fringe. Voila!

We love the idea of creating a whole bunch of different shapes and colors.

It almost flows right into your hair!

Last, we’ll do what we do best: get glittery with it. Paint Mod Podge onto each bobby pin and sprinkle with glitter. Go for solid colors or color blocks.

Our favorites are definitely the silver and gold.

Add them to a messy half bun for a pop of sparkly color. And that’s it!

Which bobby pin hack is your favorite? Talk to us in the comments below.