We鈥檝e all read the horror stories 鈥 online dating can be ROUGH. It鈥檚 hard enough to make a RL connection based on a photo without dealing with something as terrible as body shaming or bullying, and Bumble is fighting back after one of its users was subject to just that.

A London-based woman named Sam, 23, now has the full support of her dating app of choice, after she was verbally abused and body-shamed online.

A young man named Michael reportedly sent Sam a photo of a thin woman in her underwear, writing, 鈥淪o you see that girl? That鈥檚 what you could look like if put the tinest bit of effort in at the gym鈥. So when you look the tinest bit like her, I鈥檒l consider meeting up with you, but at the moment, it鈥檚 no way, Jose.鈥

When she responded to say 鈥淗ow f*cking dare you,鈥 he took things one step farther, writing, 鈥淚鈥檓 a 10/10 and you鈥檙e clearly a 5, at a push 6, so with my advice, I could push you to a 7鈥 When you鈥檙e looking tip-top, I鈥檒l let you know,鈥 adding, 鈥淵ou look like the desperate waiting type, so I鈥檒l hold you to that.鈥

Sam shared the comments on social media and with Bumble, which has since responded to Michael in an open letter posted to its blog, where the company stood up for her by letting the now-banned user know, in no uncertain terms, that his actions were not okay.

鈥淒ear Michael,鈥 it began. 鈥淲e got wind today that you criticized one of our users for her appearance. Apparently, you thought you knew best about how she should look鈥. Who taught you how to talk like that? Do you think the 鈥榮ecurity鈥 of hiding behind a screen gives you permission to degrade people you don鈥檛 know?鈥

The company went on to express that by attacking a member of its community, he had attacked its 鈥渧alues and philosophy,鈥 noting, 鈥淗arassment and misogyny don鈥檛 belong on Bumble 鈥 and therefore, neither do you.鈥

Citing a progressive period of awareness in which women are speaking up for themselves, the letter stated that while it was not meant to 鈥渉ate or punish men as a whole,鈥 it did want to help them understand how 鈥渙utdated and unacceptable鈥 his behavior was.

The letter then commended its respectful users, as well as the woman in question, saying, 鈥淲e are so proud of how you stood up for yourself. We know you didn鈥檛 want this attention and we hope that this is a reminder to all women (and men) that no one should encounter this sort of degradation.鈥

鈥淕oobye forever Michael,鈥 it read in conclusion. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e officially banned from Bumble. If you begin a journey to self-discovery, we recommended starting it by finding new friends and developing a new outlook on life.鈥

Michael has responded to the media, telling The Tab, 鈥淔irstly, it鈥檚 important to say I have messaged Samantha and explained and apologized for the messages which I do not condone and find appalling. Me and my friends were highly intoxicated and decided to take each other鈥檚 phones and write messages to matches on each other鈥檚 Bumble. They were mostly funny and harmless, but in this case, it was rude, belitting, and insulting,鈥 he said. While he claims he had no control over what was said on his behalf and says that he never would have allowed it to be sent under his name had he seen it prior, he concedes that it was his own actions that ultimately led to the unfortunate messages.

鈥淚t was an irresponsible position to put myself into,鈥 he told the outlet. 鈥淚鈥檝e tried to imagine how she must have felt reading that and it鈥檚 sickening that someone should have to read something like that in the first place! Unfortunately, it鈥檚 happened and cannot be taken back. I have apologized to Sam personally and I will not be taking part in anything remotely that stupid again.鈥

Read Bumble鈥檚 letter in full here.

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