Forget the most tricked out Craigslist ad you’ve ever seen. That was small potatoes when compared to the epic #BuyMyVolvo ad, created by Castor, an art director who’s clearly got a knack for the dramatic.

This is what happens when someone highly creative decides to sell his crappy 11-year-old Volvo. Drama ensues, a serious voiceover script is written and the best used car commercial ever is born. We know it’s long, but you’ll want to watch the whole thing, if only for the extremely quotable dialogue. Described as “pure renegade,” “this car is equipped with both an inside and an outside” — in other words, it’s a car. You’ll definitely want to “feast your eyes on this mother.” ;)

All in all, we are totally on board with this absurd homemade advertisement.

What other unusual ads for used goods have you seen on the web? Share links with us in the comments below.