We have your good side this week, app fans, so smile and pose with not one or two, but three photo-related downloads that are sure to shake your snaps up. BuzzFeed didn鈥檛 have a good enough week with #dressgate breaking the Internet (or at least ending friendships and tearing families apart) so we included their new pet pic swiper here along with an app that will make you feel less alone, one that will keep the kids happy and a few more to bring out your inner paparazzi in new and interesting ways. Get snapping and downloading with the best new apps of the week, friends!


1. Cute or Not: Like the Hot or Not for pets (ew, but stay with me) BuzzFeed鈥檚 latest app will let you find out if your pet is adorable or has a fuzzy face only its mom and/or dad can love. Or it will just give you something else to swipe through all day other than Tinder. Upload pics of your pet and users can zip through and swipe left for Not and right for Cute. What will be a timewaster for most could be a catapult for your cat鈥檚 viral social success, so upload wisely.

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2. Tworlds: Believe it or not, Cute or Not is NOT the app store鈥檚 oddest photo download聽this week. There鈥檚 also a (beautifully designed, btw) social photo app聽here to show you that you鈥檙e not alone in the mundane pics that you take (jk, but鈥). You choose a hashtagged theme for your picture and it will match you with someone else somewhere in the world taking a similar photo right that very sec. Whoa, man 鈥 like Snapchat meets Secret meets your freshman year Philosophy seminar.

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3. YouTube Kids: What was once just a good idea is now an app available to download now. YouTube Kids invites curious minds to get lost in videos in a safe, tyke-friendly space specifically designed for them. Familiar faces like Thomas and Elmo abound alongside your mini鈥檚聽favorite subjects like music, gaming, science and crafts. 鈥楻ents, rejoice, because you can set a timer and security settings to keep an eye on what your kids鈥 eyes are on.

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4. Vurb: 鈥淲ho needs Google when you have Vurb, amirite?鈥 鈫 This is what newcomer Vurb wants to hear you say. And you might, if you can fight the reflex to take your next brunch or movie query to the search engine-opoly. Vurb is an aesthetically pleasing smartphone searcher that lets you 鈥渇ind, plan and do all in one place鈥 by giving you your basic search functionality and pulling in all relevant app info (from Foursquare, Google Maps, Yelp etc) into one place. Now you鈥檙e not just finding that restaurant, but you鈥檙e aware that it has great reviews, is X miles away and your BFF with a sophisticated palate has been there for brunch. Vurb lets you view and share this info in a card format that you can pass along to the peeps you鈥檙e making plans with or save in your digital rolodex to bust out the next time someone wonders what you should do tonight.

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5. Keadle: This may look like just another photo app, but this one will coax聽you and your friends into聽adventures that leave even those Coachella Snapchats in the dust. Take pictures, hashtag them with clues, geotag that pic聽and send it to contacts you want to follow your virtual breadcrumbs. They only get to see the shot聽if they show up, so welcome to the picnic planning/beach bonfire app crucial to your pending spring and summer fun.

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What was the best app you downloaded this week? Share it with us!