Having the label of being a “crazy cat lady” has, at times, given me a bad rap over the years, suggesting my destiny in life is to become a CCL before I turn 40. While I’ve had to defend the fact that cats rule and dogs drool since day one, I’ve become totally confident in this argument because really, it’s all about history. Dating back to ancient Egypt, cats were considered sacred. Just because we continue to worship them doesn’t make us crazy; we’re following tradition!


Cat fans have to stick together, and I was overjoyed to learn that my coworker and associate editor at Brit + Co, Beth Wischnia, shared my love of cats and was down to set the record straight about ladies who love cats with me. We want to show the world that just because we are crazy *about* cats, doesn’t mean we’re crazy cat ladies.


We decided to head down to cat lovers’ paradise aka San Francisco cat cafe, KitTea, and interview each other while sipping on green tea and hanging with our feline friends. Yes, you heard that correctly: You can go to a cafe to lounge with the cool cats (and I’m not talking about the SF hipsters ;) If you fall in love and want to take one home, you can (and should!) because all of the KitTea residents are adoptable! You’ve cat to be kitten me right meow


When did you first know you were a cat person?

Beth: I was literally born a cat person; my mom has loved cats her entire life. There was no way I wasn’t going to be a cat person.

Ashley: When I was three, my parents brought home the sweetest little orange cat for me to love and cherish. From that day forward, I was a fan of cats, and they were a fan of me.

What’s your response to people who don’t share your love of cats?

Beth: It’s something I can live with, but it’s ultimately their loss. I try not to dwell on it too much. I REALLY don’t understand people who don’t love cats.

Ashley: There must be something wrong with you. How can you not appreciate those cute little balls of fluff? Cats are really the perfect pet. They eat when they want, poop in a litter box when they want, come get their head scratched when they want and leave you alone when they want. You just have to be okay with the ball always being in their court.

What’s your response when someone says they’re a dog person?

Beth: That sucks TBH :( Because that person is missing out. I love big dogs, but there’s nothing like cozying up with a snuggly cat. Plus, cats are pretty low maintenance.

Ashley: You have obviously been hanging around the wrong cat crew. Most people who don’t like cats are either allergic, had a bad run in with a cat once or are too in love with their dog.


What’s your favorite kind of cat?

Beth: I don’t have ONE favorite, but I love Norwegian Forest cats, Siberian cats and Himalayan cats. But I don’t discriminate — I love and accept all cats that come into my life.

Ashley: I have a Siamese back home, so I have to include that as one of my faves (in case this gets back to her). My favorite breeds are the Ocicat and the Egyptian Mau because of their beautiful spotted coats. They have a bit of a wild side, but are still playful and friendly.

What’s your favorite cat apparel item that you own?

Beth: A blue plaid bowtie for my Siberian cat Figgy.

Ashley: I don’t dress my cat, but I do have some pretty sweet cat face slippers that I rock every morning.


What would you ask your cat if you had one question?

Beth: Why are you so crazy sometimes? Like why? WHY WHEN I TREAT YOU SO WELL? I give you everything in the world. WHY, FIGGY?

Ashley: Why are you so indecisive about coming inside the house and then immediately being let out again? Did you have a change of heart? Was it boring? Was the weather not to your liking? Or are you just trying to mess with me?

How many cats is too many cats?

Beth: It all depends on where you live and how many other pets you have, so I think it’s different for everyone. I could never have more than one cat where I live in SF, but I totally wish I could. I want a cat rescue farm.

Ashley: If you live on a farm with lots of land, toys and enough food to go around, I don’t think there could ever be TOO many cats. If you live in an apartment and don’t have the space or time to give them, than you probably shouldn’t even have one cat. You have to put the cat’s well being before your own. Don’t be selfish.


If your cat was a celebrity, who would it be?

Beth: OMG Zac Effron because of the blue eyes.

Ashley: Beyonce because she is a total diva and doesn’t need a squad (or backup cats) surrounding her to make her shine. She steals the show whenever she walks into a room.

If you were a cat, which breed would you be?

Beth: A Himalayan cat because they’re so fluffy. Or a Norwegian Forest cat because it would rule to be a cat in the snow. This is a tough question.

Ashley: I wish I was a cat about twice a day. If I were one, I would be a Toyger. They look like a tiger and are highly intelligent, outgoing and active. They love to be around people and go on walks.


And there you have it. Two gals chatting about their feline fascination. We aren’t trying to convert anyone — we just think you should give them a loving chance. And you know all the best GIFs, memes and videos are of cats ;)

Photographer: Kurt Andre

Cat Cafe: KitTea